The Ongoing Commissions

The 12 ongoing commissions are viewed as a series of interventions that will add depth and diversity for audiences and participants throughout the Biennial's five month run.

David Blandy Bare Foot Pilgrim




DAVID BLANDY is developing a series of filmed performances in which his Barefoot Lone Pilgrim attempts to live out aspects of the samurai 'Hagaqure' amid an English recreation of a Japanese Tea Garden.

Lisa Cheung Kitchen Goddess

LISA CHEUNG will develop new work based in the Kitchen Garden, suggestive of the Chinese 'Kitchen God'. The piece will be both sculptural and performative - a growing gown of plants, fruit and vegetables that will ultimately be worn and used by a performer.

Faye Claridge Plane Pool

FAYE CLARIDGE is developing work examining the Chinese specimen tree, Emmenopterys henryi, which has grown at Tatton Park for nearly a hundred years but never flowered.


KONGKEE investigates issues around diversity and migration within his own animation-based practice.

Jo Coupe Thistle

JO COUPE plans to work in the Orchid House, which houses specimens so valuable it is only open to the public when staffed. An orchid and its root system cast in solid gold, the work will be of monetary value and will question the collector's interest in beauty, rareness, singularity and the precarious nature of life itself.

Tessa Framer Faries

TESSA FARMER in collaboration with SEAN DANIELS  plans a stop-frame animation film of her malevolent fairies inhabiting a scarecrow, to be nstalled in the Paxton Fernery.

Little Artists Seed Stand

THE LITTLE ARTISTS  are devising a series of botanical marketing interventions within the grounds and gift shop at Tatton Park.

Simon Pope Italian Alps

SIMON POPE  will relate his memories of walks through the Italian Alps to a Cheshire water-colourist, who, in turn, will attempt to paint from the artist's memory.

Abigail Reynolds

ABIGAIL REYNOLDS  plans to work with Japanese Knotweed as a sculptural form, physically elevating the invader to a new status - above the statue of 'Fame' in the Tower Garden.

Manuela Ribadeneira Pineapple


is developing a sound piece linking Tatton's Pineapple House to Milagro, or 'Miracle', in Ecuador, which grows the best fruits in the region. Like 'bringing coals to Newcastle', there is a local saying used to stress absurd or seemingly pointless actions: 'like sending pineapples to Milagro'.

Shane Waltener

SHANE WALTENER is planning to investigate local birds, asking whether the exotic mix of seeds demonstrated in the gardens has affected wildlife populations. He will be working with various groups to realise a series of bird feeders, baths and tables and to conduct bird watching excursions.

Simon Woolham

SIMON WOOLHAM willwork with Tatton Park gardeners to explore the estate's sunflower and lily collections. New paper sculptures of possible hybrids will be inserted in the grounds.