Brass Art

Brass Art Trine Messenger photo: Thierry Bal


A seven metre-long balloon draws inspiration from classical images of Hypnos, the god of sleep, and the Surrealists,

Brass Art’s work was made using a mean average of the artists’ faces taken from biomedical facial scans. The process converted living three-dimensional subjects into digital data, then into a two-dimensional pattern and finally into a single, three-dimensional inflatable sculpture. Conjuring journeys of the imagination in conjunction with real spaces is central to the three artists’ collaborative practice. ‘Trine’ means ‘threefold, or one third of 360 degrees’.


Brass Art is the collaborative practice of Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican, who have worked together since 1999 and are based in Manchester, Glasgow and Huddersfield. Recent exhibitions include solo shows: ‘The Non-existence of the Unnamed’, The International3, Manchester, 2010; ‘Skyscraping’, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, 2008; and group shows: ‘Dark Matters’, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 2011; ‘The Economy of the Gift’, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2010 and ‘The Jerwood Drawing Prize’, The Jerwood Space, London and National touring show, 2008. The group explores real and virtual space, by positioning members as drawings, shadows, digital sprites and performers. Sometimes they seek privileged vantage-points from which they can oversee the architecture of the city; occasionally they trespass; or occupy seemingly inaccessible realms. Central to this is their examination of the gap between public and private experience, and of thresholds or liminal spaces – “the blurred and flickering temporal space of the imagination and the actuality of contemporary life.” Brass Art work collaboratively on large-scale drawings, video work, photography and shadow-play installations.