Pointfive 'Black Box' photo: Thierry Bal


Located in the Stableyard, the first-ever Biennial Kiosk was designed by Pointfive, who were awarded this commission after an open call to all North West-based artists and designers to create the Biennial’s first kiosk.

The work is a 3m cube and intimates the idea of the black box flight recorder (although flight recorders are actually orange as this assists in their retrieval). Holes have been drilled into the cube in a circular pattern so that sunlight can be seen to move across the floor as the day goes on. The Kiosk is a reception and welcoming centre for the Biennial where visitors can pick up guides, audio tours, Activity Packs and ask questions, as well as meet for tours and special events.


Pointfive is Jonathan Woodward and Steven Thorpe, who met during architectural education at the Liverpool School of Art and Design. The practice was established through a series of discursive projects in Liverpool, Seoul and Cork. The Liverpool based studio has become a departure point for an experimentation with space, its inhabitation and its animation.