10,000 years

21 Feb 2010

Glacier Ice

21 February 2010

Arina Artctica – Narsaq port 

Ice packed and loaded. Glacier ice from these fjords has been frozen for at least 10,000 years.

Arctic ship

Ice pack and Arctic ship

"The gypsy thinned his lips in what would not quite pass for a smile. He said that where expectations are few disappointments are rare. They had gone into the mountains in the fall two years ago and they had built a sled from the limbs of trees and by this conveyance had brought the wreckage to the rim of the great gorge of the Papigochic River. There with rope and windlass they would lower the thing to the river and there build a raft by which to ferry it carcass and wings and struts all down to the bridge on the Mesa Trees Rios road and from there overland to the border west of Palomas. Snow drove them from the high country before they ever reached the river."

The Border Trilogy: The Crossing Cormac McCarthy

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