Ice hunting on board the Usisog

19 Feb 2010

Ocean Map

Ship wheelhouse

19 February 2010

"...The man who was standing weighed these words and then erased them in the air before him with a slow fanning motion of his forefinger. He said that the jovenes could hardly be expected to apportion credence in the matter of the map. He said that in any case a bad map was worse than no map at all for it engendered in the traveller a false confidence and might easily cause him to set aside those instincts which would otherwise guide him if he would but place himself in their care. He said that to follow a false map was to invite disaster. He gestured at the sketching in the dirt. As if to invite them to behold its futility.”

The Border Trilogy: The Crossing Cormac McCarthy

Jens Skaerland

Jens Skaerland on board the Usisoq – hunting ice. Something in the region of one million tons of ice breaks into the fjords around Narsaq each day.

Posted by Neville Gabie at 1:02 PM