Narsaq: total population 1,702

18 Feb 2010

Narsaq, Greenland

Narsaq Houses

18 February 2010

"...But the one seated at the right leaned forward and tapped the ash from his cigarette and addressed the man standing and said that as far as that went there were certainly other dangers to a journey than losing one’s way. He said that plans were one thing and journeys another. He said it was a mistake to discount the good will inherent in the old man’s desire to guide them for it too must be taken into account and would in itself lend strength and resolution to them in their journey.”

The Border Trilogy: The Crossing Cormac McCarthy

Total population: Fifty-six thousand, one hundred and ninety-four
Landmass: roughly equivalent to the whole of Western Europe
Narsaq population: 1,702

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