Flying towards the impossible: Larry Walters

28 Feb 2012

Lawn-Chair Balloon Flier Larry

I was talking with a friend a couple of days ago about the Biennial and its aims for the impossible. My friend mentioned a story he'd heard, which he couldn't confirm and had relegated to quasi 'urban myth' territory. 

A couple of googles later, I found his source: Lawnchair Larry - click here

Larry's curious attempt to fly was well documented and he achieved a brief moment of fame courtesy of talk shows and promos in the months and years after he landed his sun lounger safely.

What inspires (and perhaps repels) is Larry's devotion to a personal dream that came to define him. His previous existence as a truck driver was usurped by his need to fly in his own manner, using his own devices, following his own rules. 

Posted by Jordan Kaplan at 12:58 AM