Olivier Grossetete Visits Tatton Park

25 Feb 2012

Olivier Grossetete Visits Tatton

It was surprisingly warm and beautiful at Tatton Park yesterday. And it was a good job too, because artist Olivier Grossetete (who arrived on Wednesday) from Marseille, France was meeting the Biennial team to discuss his artwork proposal, ‘Pont de Singe’ (meaning rope bridge). You have to agree, his imagination is fantastic, because he wants to create the impossible; an elongated, wooden, rope bridge, suspended in the air by three, giant, helium-filled balloons, which will rise and fall with the elements.

Biennial curators, Danielle Arnaud and Jordan Kaplan are seen here talking on the bridge with Olivier and structural engineer, Toby Savageabout the logistics involved for creating an artwork of this magnitude.

Whilst discussions continued at the Golden Brook, something caught my attention in the corner of my eye. It was Simon Tetlow, Garden Team Supervisor of Tatton Park floating passed in a rowing boat. He casually moored up, disappeared amongst the shrubs and later joined us to offer his expertise and to answer any questions we had. Protecting the gardens, wildlife and surrounding areas was high on our the agenda, as well as creating an artwork that was structurally safe and sound, whilst allowing Olivier’s idea to reach it’s full potential.

Given the Biennial's theme 'Flights of Fancy' and with this proposal in mind, Olivier Grossetete reminds me of those inventors and mathematicians who created wings for their arms and constructed marvellous flying contraptions, all of whom shared the one dream, and that was to take to the skies.

Posted by Debbie Chan at 8:54 AM