Flights of Fancy makes it into the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

19 Jul 2012

Shona Harrisons Rocket Creation for RHS flower show

Check out Shona Harrison, artist and Biennial Technican, standing proudly next to her rocket creation inspired by the Biennial's theme, which she made in collaboration with her dad. The garden itself, titled Interplantatary Travel has been wonderfully designed and landscaped by the Tatton Park Gardeners led by Simon Tetlow. The RHS Flower Show is currently on until Sunday 22 July and if you get time to visit, smoke can be seen coming out of the exhaust, as if it has just crash-landed from another galaxy, far, far away.

If you miss this, don't forget that you still experience the many wonders of flight, including a crash-landed UFO, giant bird's nest and bridge held aloft by balloons, which is running until the end of September.

Posted by Debbie Chan at 3:03 PM