What would Barbara do?

14 Mar 2012

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For the past few months, this question has been popping into my head at opportune moments (green tea or G&T? Kiss on both cheeks or firm handshake? etc). 

Dame Barbara Cartland has been rattling around in my brain after reading three of her novels and one of her autobiographies in preparation forUltimate Holding Company's Cartland Institute for Romance Research

The work is now in development, with two research groups: one dedicated to constructing a replica of the Colditz Cock; and the other learning to write romantic fiction for a novel. 

Without giving too much away, the plot involves a hero (who will become embroiled in the creation of the Colditz Cock), a heroine (who will rescue her hero by re-designing his, um, Cock, thus enabling its flight) and Tatton Park itself. 

We think Barbara would approve. 

Posted by Jordan Kaplan at 3:03 PM