Tatton Park Biennial 2012

Tatton Park Biennial: Flights of Fancy

12 May to 30 September 2012

This third edition of the Biennial considers the human urge to fly, to accomplish the impossible in fragile times. Its artists are exploring the impact of experimentation on delicate eco-systems, looking backward and forward for guidance, wisdom and/or humour. Their resulting works are experiments in time and space.


20 Sep 2012
Closing Performance 29 September: Flights of Sound

Flights of Sound
4.30-6pm in the Mansion
Curated by Jeanice Brooks

19 Sep 2012
Contact has lift off!
This week is seeing a lot of activity at the Biennial

28 Jun 2012
Events Weekend: 30 June & 1 July
On Saturday 30 June, the Biennial hosts an AIR Salon


New Video Commissions

Dinu Li, VEX (excerpt) from Tatton Park Biennial on Vimeo.

A series of messages from Che Guevara, delivered by the revolutionary as he pilots his spaceship through multiple universes, his appearance altering as he travels...

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