Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull ESY1899 photo:Thierry Bal


Simon Faithfull’s work is both a film and an object. Housed in a shipping container, the film depicts the Sisyphean efforts of a silver-suited commuter to board and fly in a monstrous rendition of a 1990s jet. The steel container is made of the same materials as the unreal vehicle: misshapen, blackened by fire and missing a wing, the craft will not fly, but the traveller continues his ritual of boarding and waiting for take off amid the flames.

The film presents an endless ‘pre-enactment’ of a future culture that mimics the spirit of air travel without the memory of why (or how) we once flew.


Simon Faithfull is a contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited extensively around the world. Recent projects include a video-work recording the journey of a domestic chair as it is carried to the edge of space (commissioned by Arts Catalyst), a drawing project sending back live digital-drawings from a two month journey to Antarctica (an Arts Council International Fellowship with British Antarctic Survey) and an animated film developed from drawings made on a mundane walk out of London along the A13 trunk road (a Channel 4 TV commission with Arts Council England). Recent exhibitions have included solo shows at the British Film Institute, London; Harris Museum, Preston; Galerie Polaris, Paris; Parker’s Box, New York; Stills, Edinburgh and Cell, London.

Faithfull was born in Oxfordshire, UK, studied at Central St Martins and then Reading University. His practice takes a variety of forms – ranging from video, to digital drawing, installation work and writing. Faithfull is also a lecturer at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.

11 November: Limbo at Manchester Airport

On Friday 11 November, Simon Faithfull will spend the day in the no-mans land of international 'airside' space and record what he sees there as a series of simple drawings dispatched out to the world through his live drawing project Limbo - an expanding Atlas of Subjectivity.Limbo is a web-based artwork and iPhone App which presents and delivers live digital drawings by the artist Simon Faithfull.

To receive drawings as they are made, download the iPhone App or follow on Twitter and Facebook.