Open Competitions for 2012

Pointfive, Biennial Kiosk proposal, 2011

Pointfive, Biennial Kiosk proposal, 2011

Barbara Cartland Stars in My Heart The Colditz Cock Barbara Cartland Stars in My Heart The Colditz Cock

The third Tatton Park Biennial opens to the public on 12 May 2012, with over 20 new commissions from some of the most innovative artists working nationally and internationally today. Each work will respond to the Biennial theme, ‘Flights of Fancy’, addressing the mechanics of flight, Tatton’s aeronautical legacies and the human ambition to fly, figuratively or metaphorically. 

For the second time, the Biennial invited artist entries for two Open Competitions:


Pointfive (Jonathan Woodward & Steven Thorpe) have been appointed to deliver their proposal for a Biennial kiosk. Based on the fanciful idea of the 'Black Box' flight recorder (which is actually bright orange in order to assist identification under extreme circumstances), the kiosk design allows an easy flow of information as well as an experiential exposure to the passage of time for visitors. 


The Biennial is delighted to confirm the participation of collective Ultimate Holding Company in the 2012 event. UHC has proposed a participatory work, based on the aeronautical legacy of Dame Barbara Cartland and her spurious links with the construction of the 'Colditz Cock'. 

The Biennial team and curators are looking forward to working with the artists to realise ambitious and far-reaching projects and thank all who took the time to apply for these competitions!